Fantastic Frontier Wiki
Name Rarity Sell Price Dropped by;
Apple Common 100g Block Bat, Magma Block Bat
Cellery Antenna Common 222g Baby Goblin
Mole Spore Pelt Common 450g Mole Spore
Red Pincers Common 500g Red Ant, Black Ant
Scraps Common 500g Beacon
Deer Pelt Common 700g Deer
Straw Trinket Common 1,000g Scarecrow
Dullfrog Crystals Uncommon 1,000g Dullfrog
Ratdog Tooth Common 1,000g Ratdog
Bear Claw Common 1,400g Black Bear, Brown Bear
Ogre Bone Uncommon 2,000g Ogre
Red Ant Eyes Uncommon 2,000g Black Ant
Wolf Fur Rare 2,000g Wolf
Darkroot Rare 2,800g Witch Bandit?, Dark Goblin?
Oddstick Uncommon 3,100g Baby Goblin
Evil Nose Rare 3,500g Whisperer
Leafy Mandibles Legendary 3,900g Forest Scorpicrab
Magma Brain Chunks Legendary 4,000g Magma Block Bat
Whapper Board Rare 4,000g Whapper
Ghostly Chunk Legendary 4,400g Corrupted Ghost
Ghostly Remains Common 2,500g Ghost
Munsk Chompers Rare 4,700g Munsk
Pack of Gum Epic 5,000g Candy Monster?
Jester Mechanism Rare 5,000g Jester
Antlers Rare 5,000g Deer
Eye of Monstrosity Legendary 6,500g Watcher?
Ogre Pauldrons Rare 6,500g Red Ogre
Dragon Dice Legendary 8,000g Dragon?
Giant Mushroom Stump Legendary 8,500g Mushroom Head
Golem Core Legendary 9,200g? Golem
Ice Shards Legendary 6,500g Ice Elemental
Ratboy Secrets Legendary 10,000g Ratboy
Claw of the Tall Bear Legendary 17,000g Tall Bear
Giant's Bone Legendary 20,000g All Giants
Ring of 5 Knights Epic 20,000g All Knights
Bag of Gems Legendary 25,000g Spider Queen
Spider Stilts Epic 50,000g Spider Queen
Magma Brain Core Epic 50,000g Magma Brain
Frontier Stone Common 150,000g Green Ghost